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Becoming Religious in a Secular Home


Frum and Feeling Alone


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The Way Up


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  Finding Yourself


Frum in the Wrong Place


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This Teen Site is for Jews of all Levels and walks of life.

Having grown up as a religious teen, living amongst goyim I really know what it is like to have a difficult teenage hood. I would like to know use my experience to assist you through these years of fun, growth and finding yourself.  


Instant Messenger

The good and Bad of Instant Messenger!


Wearing Tefillin Daily


It is not the easiest thing to make a commitment to wearing Tefillin every day but its rewards are truly worthwhile. When you wear Tefillin, you are saying that day that Hashem comes first, fear of Hashem is important to you, and that you have emunah, faith in Him


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Using Technology for Torah

Hashem blessed us with great technology today but we must make sure to use it in order to serve Him. Part of the problems with technology is that it opens up the entire goyisha world to us. One really should ponder the real purpose they want to use the technology for and way the rights and wrongs involved therein.