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Tefillin, its greatness



It is not the easiest thing to make a commitment to wearing Tefillin every day but its rewards are truly worthwhile. When you wear Tefillin, you are saying, "this day that Hashem comes first", fear of Hashem is important to you, and that you have emunah, faith in Him.


When you put on the Tefillin, it is as if you performed all the commandments of the Torah. That's right, so for just 5minutes a day, you can fulfill the entire Torah. The Talmudists teach us that even Hashem has a pair of Tefillin he puts on, figuratively speaking. Therefore, there must be tremendous light in this mitzvah.


The Sages also teach us that if while wearing Tefillin, someone makes fun of you, it is one of the greatest things you have done and your reward is a full one. It must be then that this mitzvah truly shows a person's commitment to Hashem and the Torah. If a person did any of the 613 mitzvos of the Torah for 5minutes a day, would they compare to this mitzvah in the idea of true kiddush Hashem, sanctification of Hashem's name?


Here a person is taking cow hide and putting it on their arm and head in the form of a little box. Then using straps and tying themselves with it, in the end making interesting shapes around their fingers. Doesn't this sound crazy? Doesn't this sound like true dedication and love of Hashem? So great, mamish so sweet a mitzvah!