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Technology and Jewish Life


Hashem blessed us with great technology today but we must make sure to use it in order to serve Him. Part of the problems with technology is that it opens up the entire goysha world to us. One really should ponder the real purpose they want to use the technology for and weigh the rights and wrongs involved therein.



A Cool Car   (Lets be honest, 0-60 in 7.0 seconds is enough)

A Cool Cell Phone  (Lets be honest, few of us need internet access and video phones)  
Awesome MP3 Player                                          (I am scared to know how powerful these tools will be in a year)  

Plasma Screen  (owch, lets not go here)


There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to technology. One to embrace it and use it to serve Hashem, even though it may not be crucial in ones life and another to only use it if absolutely necessary for work. Now I have certainly proven for myself how much kiruv and mitzvos one can do with technology so it will surprise you when I tell you that if I wasn't saving hundreds of lives, I would take a baseball bat to my computer. How can this be though, with a computer today, one can download shirim, weekly parsha, purchase merchandise, talk to family all over the world and so much more. But let me tell you, it is almost impossible to have a computer in ones house or most technology and not also waist important time, become a less patient person due to the quickness of entertainment in technology, tremendous immorality available in moments, becoming a less social person and so much more.


You want to be a talmud chacham, a Sage in Judaism, you don't need technology to do it. On the other hand, to do kiruv, outreach and sometimes make a living, there may be no choice.