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Finding your Perfect Rav or Rebbe




It is interesting but it seems that most young teenagers haven't found their perfect Rav or Rebbe yet. It is so difficult living ones life without this. Maybe it is the greatest pain of ones younger years feeling alone without a Rebbe who understands you and can really speak to you. I suffered for years trying to find the right branch of chassidus for myself. It wasn't until I was 20 Years old that I found this for myself having begun searching since I was 12. That is 8 years of having spiritual questions with nobody to trust to ask them too. That my friends is true pain. I imagine many of you feel the same thing. I have to tell you though, the reason I feel I found so much light and truth was because I prayed so hard to find the perfect Tzaddikim of our generation. I have to tell you, my friends, I have found this and it is a great comfort.


So many times did I stumbled having the wrong Rabbi to go to. I also knew in my heart that this Rabbi wasn't the true Tzaddik I sought but they were all I had at the time. This was also good, that even though I knew I needed to search, I still understood that I had to accept in my current situation the Rabbi's I had. After-all, we cannot live without this. Prayer my friends, that is the key to how I found these Tzaddikim today. You have to daven very hard to find the Tzaddikim that are truly full of emes, truth and you will find them.


For now though, I always tell people, if you do not feel you have found the right movement in Judaism, pick a temporary one as it is better to be on a straight path then one through the lonely forest. I must also inform you that it will never be satisfying if you rely on others alone to draw you close to Hashem, you must find your way to being close to Him. Without a personal connection to Hashem, you are truly lost. You must find Him and not wait for Him to find you!